Wednesday, December 14, 2011

She Always Knows Just The RIght Thing To Say.

My Mother and Step-Dad drive down from Louisville to visit us here in Nashville. When she walks in, I'm making a big batch of Korean chicken wings for my husband's potluck at his school. Mom is hovering around surprised that I'm cooking Korean food and that I am actually baking the wings opposed to frying them. I then ask her if she and my step-dad would like to eat, she raises an eyebrow and is surprised that I have a whole Korean meal with side dishes available for them to eat.

Me: Mom, are you and J hungry? I made bossam last night and all the banchan to go with it.
Mom: You!? You make-u BOSSAM? How you know how make?
Me: Mom, there is this grand place called the interwebs, it's a fountain of knowledge! Besides, I did learn a lot from family too.
Mom: Okay, Mommy want to try, YOU bossam, you have rice? You have...
Me: Don't worry Mom, I got it under control, you're in my space let me clean up from cooking and I'll set you guys up. 

I proceed to get their meal together. Main dish, dipping sauce, the homemade kimchies, side dishes, all the fixins'. She and my step-dad are a little shocked and look at each other and begin to eat.

Mom: Melondie-a, this taste like a Korean lady make this! You sure you no buy!?
Me: Well that's a little insulting.

Mom: Oh... My daughter she no need me no mo', she good mommy, she cook any food. You such a good housewife!
Me: I'm a good "housewife?" Ok, I'm going to go and hang myself now... Thanks. You really know how to make a person feel the warm and fuzzies!
Mom: Wha? Is that the dope?

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  1. I love your mom. Also, I want some homemade kimchi for Christchanukawanza.